Printing Process

// what kind of paper do you use? standard prints use 240g photo gloss and our metallic is simply elegant metallic.

// what printer technology is used? we are a 100% epson shop using epson ink. we do not use 3rd party inks for archival purposes.

// what is the archival lifespan of your products? 100+ years.

// what kind of protectants are applied to your canvas? we use the latest in epson's eco solvent technology. there is no need for a topcoat.


Submitting an order

// ensure your images are sized using photoshop to the size you are ordering. For example, if you are ordering a 16x20 acrylic, ensure you have cropped your image to 16x20. We will not crop your image. This is your art and we do not want to make those decisions for you.

// CANVAS TEMPLATES - Use these in Photoshop to ensure your images are sized correctly.

// all images should be no larger than 50mb in size, sRGB or adobe rgb, 300dpi, and jpg format. If you are working in photoshop, be sure to flatten your image before saving it.

// canvas will be printed the way you submit it. download templates above to ensure accurate printing.





// do you ship international? yes we do. we have a very robust shipping calculator tied to fed ex. select a product and go through the check out process to see the various options.

// how much are shipping charges? select and add products to your cart, go to the cart and begin the check out process and the cart will offer you several shipping options via ups.

// do you offer drop shipping? yes. during the check out process you can select an alternative address for shipping and your product will be shipped directly to your client with no billing information in the box.


Turn around times

// typical production times are 5-7 business days. please allow longer lead times during the holiday season. 

// acrylic products production times are 6-8 business days. please allow longer lead times during the holiday season. 

// shipping times vary and are tied to the various ups options available to you.


Order Status

// how do i track order status? if you created an account, you will be able to see the order status of your order.

// do you offer tracking numbers to track an order? with your account, the system will send you an automated email with your fed ex tracking number once your order ships.

// can i cancel or change an order? once you place an order, it is almost impossible for us to catch it before it hits production. because of the speed our team works at and our aggressive turn around times, if there is any problem with your order please contact us IMMEDIATELY to see if we can catch it.


Payment Options

// what forms of payment do you accept? we accept visa, master card, and american express.


Loyalty Program

// what is this? we love our customers and we want to reward you for your loayalty. effective january 2013 we have created a program to do just that. for every dollar you spend with us, you will receive one loyalty point. these points never expire and can be used on your orders to get greater discounts.

// how do I track my points? be sure to create an account or there is no way for the system to keep track of them for you. log into your account and in your dashboard you will see a link for "view loyalty points", there you will be able to see and track your points.

// how do I redeem my points? during checkout, you will have an option to redeem your points and the system will show you how many you have available.


More Questions? We are here for you. Email us at support@vbysal.com and someone will reach out to you asap! thank you for your love and support.