11.05.2012 : News

Our history

Virtuoso was born out of Sal Cincotta’s desire to create something unique for his clients. Salvatore Cincotta Photography is an active studio based in Ofallon IL, photographing high-school seniors, weddings, and families. Running an active studio gives Virtuoso unprecedented insight into consumer behavior and when it comes to spending patterns.

Virtuoso was born in November of 2012 and is committed to excellence and making you look good with your clients and raising the bar for photographers around the world.


11.05.2012 : News

Welcome to Virtuoso

Welcome to Virtuoso.

vir·tu·o·so /ˌvərCHo͞oˈōsō/

is the Italian word for an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability in the fine arts.

Virtuoso is the brainchild of professional photographer Salvatore Cincotta. The goal is to offer their clients superior products in this ever increasing world of mediocrity. Sal, and his wife Taylor, set out on a quest to find and develop a unique line of products that met gallery and museum standards around the world. All while offering photographers the most competitive pricing in the industry.
We are based in Ofallon, IL and run a wedding and portrait studio. We get it. We understand what clients want and expect from you.

Our goal is to produce one-of-a-kind unique products that allow your studio to stand out from the crowd of “everyone is a photographer”. Today, its more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the competition and what better way to do it than with great products that leave your clients speechless. People will pay for quality.

You and your clients will love our products. I guarantee it! ~Sal Cincotta